“Our Mission is to preserve, honor and celebrate the heritage and advance the culture of the
Black/African American community in Long Beach and beyond.”

No current job openings at this time.

The purpose of this position is to provide staff assistance and support to the Managing Director of the
African American Cultural Center of Long Beach (AACCLB), by performing clerical and staff duties
allocable to this classification and operational support to the AACCLB, as assigned.

Salary Range: $20 – $25 hr.* (Maximum: 30 hrs./week)

Deadline To Apply:  Nov. 4th, 2022

Minimum Requirements

Three years’ experience in a responsible staff capacity performing highly specialized clerical and office assignments, organizational programs and procedures and administrative assistant duties; one year of which must have been in a highly specialized office assignment for a nonprofit organization.

Duties & Responsibilities

The position allocable to the class (Staff Assistant) works for the Managing Director and conducts administrative assignments in a clerical and receptionist capacity. The Staff Assistant will perform a variety of duties in support of the Managing Director and the programs and services of the AACCLB as

  • Provide administrative and clerical support to the Managing Director and to the EC/BOD/Committee Chairs, as directed by the Managing Director.
  • Interface with vendors, contractors, facility tenants and members of the public; maintain a record of all relevant interactions and provide pertinent and timely information to the Managing Director.
  • Analyze and make recommendations to the Managing Director for the resolution of problems, work procedures and space allocation, as needed; may participate in the implementation of recommendations.
  • Receive/forward all unopened mail to the Managing Director for processing. NOTE: Managing Director to restrict access to certain sensitive/confidential mail/data, etc. Document and record all standard incoming/outgoing correspondence, including mail, correspondence, reports, etc. Create and maintain a tickler file to track/record correspondence.
  • Assist with maintaining and updating inventory log.
  • Responsible for maintaining record of all supply, office and equipment orders, etc.
  • Enter and maintain data in an online and hardcopy filing system; file correspondence in accordance with industry standards.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of community outreach strategies to promote participation in AACCLB programs, membership and donations.
  • Assist with the development of digital marketing plans, social media strategies, aesthetics and identifying improvement strategies.
  • Interact with members of the public and stakeholders via AACCLB’s social media accounts.
  • Assists in the creation (design, content and production) of flyers/marketing material for AACCLB programs and services. Ongoing assistance with social media presence and marketing strategies; daily, weekly and monthly posts, as needed.
  • Assist with monitoring social media trends to ensure AACCLB’s marketing activities remain relevant and attractive to all audiences.
  • Assist with establishing a communications system for community outreach and audience development, i.e., email blasts, weekly updates and announcements.
  • Assist in the development, implementation and updating of database systems to support various marketing opportunities for the AACCLB; including vendors, contractors, funding sources, etc.
  • Receive, return and/or forward telephone calls regarding AACCLB programs and services within 24 hours; respond to in-person inquiries, as appropriate. Forward correspondence and inquiries to the appropriate AACCLB Officer and/or Committee Chair, as instructed by Managing Director.
  • Participate in all AACCLB exhibit tours and 1st Friday events, to include: scheduling/booking exhibit tours, as assigned, and obtaining an accurate count of visitors/attendees to our space; ensure visitors sign attendance sheets, monitoring exhibit space, assist with soliciting membership, document/photograph large groups, etc.
  • Provide assistance with AACCLB Gallery Exhibits; assist with overseeing daily functions of exhibits/exhibit space; assists curators with setup/takedowns/change exhibit and/or collections, as needed (AACCLB exhibits only).
  • Answer email from Managing Director, immediately; answer email from AACCLB within 24 hours.
  • Provide general assistance/support to the AACCLB, i.e., event planning and coverage, front desk coverage, typing, filing, printing, phones, etc.
  • Maintain Managing Director’s calendar; to include meetings, important event dates, scheduled activities, staff meetings, etc.
  • Complete administrative assignments and projects, administered by the Managing Director, as assigned.
  • Assists with the preparation of administrative reports, as assigned.
  • Must be professional when communicating with AACCLB Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, members of the public, elected officials, donors and funders.
Additional Qualifications

Individuals interested in working with the AACCLB “ideally” should have the following qualifications:

  • Verified minimum of 3 years in an Administrative or Staff Assistant capacity; one of which must have been for a nonprofit organization.
  • High School Graduate at a minimum; College AA and university graduate preferred
  • Experience with nonprofits
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, Google Documents Platform and relevant computer skills
  • Must work independently and exercise a broad knowledge of administrative, organizational and operational procedures.
  • Experience in Partnerships and Collaboration and is comfortable with it.
  • Experience with websites, social media, etc.
  • Is comfortable with working between and among more than one generation
  • Very familiar with African American History
  • Is comfortable with Intercultural Communication
  • Professional with everyone
  • Is comfortable with communicating with elected officials, major donors and members of the public
  • Must have vision and fully understands that only the AACCLB Executive Board can set goals, direction, etc.


Characteristics: Prompt/on time, patient, dressing professionally, respectful of others, is a good listener, is discrete and ethical.


Upon selection the person in this position will sign and submit a Conflict-of-Interest Clause. Never violate the Conflict-of-Interest Clause. Violating the Conflict-of-Interest Clause is cause for removal. No friends or family can be hired nor can they influence your decision making for the AACCLB. Doing so is cause for removal.


Sign and submit a Nondisclosure Agreement.


Background check related to the safety of minors, as the AACCLB invites children to participate in activities.


A Background check is mandatory.


*After initial three-month evaluation and feedback is completed by Managing Director and HR Committee, this position may require change, i.e., addition/reduction in hours and/or change/addition/reduction in responsibilities. Performance Evaluations will occur annually after the three-month evaluation. Advancement/promotion may be awarded at any time.